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Contents IJITS, No. 02, 2023

Article [2023-02-01]

Challenges of Electronic Data Interchange in the digital age

Gerrit K. Janssens, Ludo Cuyvers

Article [2023-02-02]

A model-based approach to enhancing web accessibility for individuals with special education needs

Denislav Lefterov, Hristo Hristov, Svetoslav Enkov

Article [2023-02-03]

Operational control of probabilistic processes in a multi-stage specialized system

O.Ja. Kravets, I.A. Aksenov, P.A. Rahman, I.V. Atlasov, Yu.V. Redkin, O.Yu. Frantsisko, O.Yu. Zaslavskaya

Article [2023-02-04]

Software implementation of methods for optimal design of power electronic devices

Bogdan Gilev, Nikolay Hinov, Stanislav Stefanov

Article [2023-02-06]

Intelligent surveillance systems on the Internet of Things based on secure applications with the IBM cloud platform

Ioannis Adamopoulos , Aristidis Ilias , Christos Makris , Yannis C. Stamatiou

Article [2023-02-08]

Star-Galaxy classification using machine learning algorithms and deep learning

Amit Sadanand Savyanavar, Nikhil Mhala, Shiv H. Sutar