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Challenges of Electronic Data Interchange in the digital age

2023, vol.15 , no.2, pp. 3-14

Article [2023-02-01]

Gerrit K. Janssens
Ludo Cuyvers

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) became popular to facilitate international business transactions in the 1990s, but, even today, it can be seen that its use is not introduced everywhere. This article reviews some statements on the adoption of EDI in companies and integration into other IT systems. Furthermore, it looks at situations in specific countries. Statements are made how to integrate Electronic Data Interchange in cloud-based systems.


Electronic Data Interchange, international business, inter-organisational information systems


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Citation of this article:

Gerrit K. Janssens, Ludo Cuyvers. Challenges of Electronic Data Interchange in the digital age. International Journal on Information Technologies and Security, vol.15 , no.2, 2023, pp. 3-14.