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Quality assessment in a multi-level control system with discrete response functions

2023, vol.15 , no.3, pp. 57-64

Article [2023-03-06]

O. Ja. Kravets
V. E. Bolnokin
P. A. Rahman
I. V. Atlasov
I. A. Aksenov
Yu. V. Redkin
A. A. Zaslavskiy

The article extends the authors' previous research to the case of discrete response functions. A process consisting of sequential operations is considered. For each operation, you can determine the currently available probability of its error-free (high-quality) execution. By the qualitative performance of the operation, we will understand the achievement of a given level of quality in quantitative proportion to the overall level. The purpose of the article is to build a quality management strategy in which a set of probabilities of quality levels not less than a certain threshold value is achieved, with minimal costs for carrying out appropriate measures. The corresponding optimization problem is presented and a heuristic multistep algorithm for its solution is given.


sequential operations, high-quality execution, quality management strategy, threshold value, classification of activities, discrete response functions


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Citation of this article:

O. Ja. Kravets, V. E. Bolnokin, P. A. Rahman, I. V. Atlasov, I. A. Aksenov, Yu. V. Redkin, A. A. Zaslavskiy. Quality assessment in a multi-level control system with discrete response functions. International Journal on Information Technologies and Security, vol.15 , no.3, 2023, pp. 57-64.