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System for automated design of resonant inverters

2023, vol.15 , no.4, pp. 15-26

Article [2023-04-02]

Bogdan Gilev
Nikolay Hinov
Yuri Dimitrov

In the MATLAB environment, with the help of author's code, a programming environment is developed in which the input parameters are entered, the type and structure of the inverter is selected, and the values of the circuit elements are automatically calculated. Finally, for the purpose of verification, the operation of the designed inverter is simulated. From the resulting simulation, the overall behavior of the state space variables is seen.


automated design, Matlab, power electronic device design, resonant inverters


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Citation of this article:

Bogdan Gilev, Nikolay Hinov, Yuri Dimitrov. System for automated design of resonant inverters. International Journal on Information Technologies and Security, vol.15 , no.4, 2023, pp. 15-26.