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Cryptocurrencies: Instruments for investment security protection

2024, vol.16 , no.1, pp. 89-100

Article [2024-01-09]

Gancho Ganchev
Maria Paskaleva

The current research aims to reveal whether cryptocurrencies may be included in investors’ portfolios as instruments for diversification and hedging against global systematic risk. The main contribution of the research is the fact that it provides proof of the usage of cryptos for hedging against global financial systematic risk. This seems to confirm the main hypothesis in the study about the role of money and cryptos in the contemporary global financial economy. The research reveals evidence that cryptocurrencies can play the role of global market predictors.


global systematic risk, cryptocurrency, diversification, hedging strategy


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Citation of this article:

Gancho Ganchev, Maria Paskaleva. Cryptocurrencies: Instruments for investment security protection. International Journal on Information Technologies and Security, vol.16 , no.1, 2024, pp. 89-100.