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A smart parking system combining IoT and AI to address improper parking

2024, vol.16 , no.2, pp. 39-50

Article [2024-02-04]

Mostapha Laaouafy
Fatima Lakrami
Ouidad Labouidya

The world is entering a new era of intelligent parking, with researchers exploring innovative solutions to enhance the parking experience. These solutions aim to simplify parking challenges for drivers, reducing stress caused by traffic congestion and the search for available spaces. This study presents an intelligent parking system driven by artificial intelligence (AI). It addresses inefficient and improper parking, providing drivers with detailed information about available spaces and improving their management. This approach empowers drivers with insights into parking availability, reducing time and fuel consumption. The system streamlines parking operations, ensures accurate spot availability information, and enhances overall efficiency and user satisfaction. The effectiveness of this proposed system is evidenced by a range of outcomes, including significant reductions in the time spent searching for parking and decreased fuel consumption along comparable travel routes.


Smart parking, Parking space, Improper parking, IoT, AI


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Citation of this article:

Mostapha Laaouafy, Fatima Lakrami, Ouidad Labouidya. A smart parking system combining IoT and AI to address improper parking. International Journal on Information Technologies and Security, vol.16 , no.2, 2024, pp. 39-50.