Authors’ Guidelines

Research articles are usually 8 to 12 pages long. In special cases, shorter or longer articles may be accepted. Only Research Articles in the scope of the journal will be accepted for processing and reviewing. Review Articles will be refused, long articles too.

Authors are requested to follow the journal guidelines for preparing their manuscripts. An article sample template can be found here (IJITS-TEMPLATE.rar).

Paper Formatting

A Time New Roman 11 pt font should be used for paper preparation (without the paper title). The margins (Page Setup) should be Left=Right=4cm; Top=3cm; Bottom=7,5cm. The paper must include information as follows:

  • TITLE (capitals, 14 pt, bold and centered, before=30pt; after=0pt) should be clear and short;
  • Name(s) of the author(s) (italic, centered, before=12pt);
  • Institutional affiliation(s) of the author(s), e-mail addresses and country (paragraph with 3 rows, centered, before=12pt);
  • Abstract (5-7 rows, indentation left=right=0,7cm, before=12 pt);
  • Keywords (3-5 words, indentation left=right=0,7cm, before=after=6 pt)
  • Main text of the paper (first line=0,7pt; justified) – please use the structure proposed below. All section titles should be formatted in capitals + bold (before=12 pt, after=6 pt).
  • INTRODUCTION should describe the purpose and the contribution of the paper;
  • NEXT SECTIONS TITLE – these sections should present the main idea, author’s scientific proposal and realization, experiments and results.
  • CONCLUSION should summarize the main results, advantages, possible application and future work (if it is needed);
  • REFERENCES should appear as a separate bibliography at the end of the paper, numbered in square brackets, e.g. [5] (see the examples below). References to works published in languages other than English should be translated into English with the original languages given in brackets after the translated text, e.g. (in Bulgarian). Examples (Journal [1], Proceedings [2], Book [3]):
    [1] Morabito, G., S. Palazzo. Modeling and analyzing of TCP-like multicast congestion control. IEEE J. on Selected Areas in Communications, 2 (vol.22), 2004, pp. 401-412.
    [2] Pandey, S. et al. Monitoring the dynamic Web to respond to continuous queries. Proc. of the 12th Int'l Conf. on World Wide Web, Hungary, May 2003, pp. 659-668.
    [3] Hein, J. L. Discrete Mathematics (2nd ed.), Jones and Bartlett Publishers, Sudbury, Massachusetts, USA, 2003.