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Publishing process

Publishing process

Reviewing Procedure

Each submitted manuscript will be reviewed by two independent reviewers (experts in the field) and the corresponding author will be informed for the results by sending IJITS_Form-3_REVIEW.pdf. A third reviewer could be used if the first two reviews have quite different statements concerning acceptance. The result of reviewing will be in one of the following form:

  1. Accept
  2. Accept with minor revision
  3. Accept with major revision
  4. Reject with a possibility of resubmitting
  5. Reject

Once the initial review results are submitted to the authors, depending on the decision, the authors will be informed for the next steps. The final decision for publishing will be announced by sending Form for Acceptance (IJITS_Form-4_Acceptance.pdf).

Article processing charge

After a manuscript has been accepted for publishing, the author(s) will be approached with a request to pay a charge of 20 EUR (40 BGN) per page (VAT and postage are included). The payment of this charge is a prerequisite for publishing. The details for payment will be listed in the sent Form for Acceptance.

After publishing, the corresponding author will receive a copy of the publication.