Sections and Topics (but not limited)

Section Information Technologies

  • Networking and Distributed Technologies;
  • Program Technologies and Data Management;
  • Technologies for Automation of Engineering and Research;
  • Intelligent Systems and Knowledge-Based Technologies;
  • Technological Aspects of e-Governance;
  • Technological Aspects of Personal Data Protection; etc.

Section Information Security

  • Computer and Network Security;
  • Cryptographic Algorithms and Protocols;
  • Biometric Identification;
  • Digital Rights Management Systems;
  • Wireless Security;
  • Cyber security and cyber safety;
  • Security and safety of industrial IT systems;etc.

Section Security Policy

  • Energy Security;
  • Peace Research;
  • Conflict Research;
  • Disarmament, Arms Control and Risk Technologies;
  • Non-proliferation of WMD;
  • International Terrorism;
  • Security Sector Reform; etc.

Section Innovation Policy

  • Information Technologies;
  • Information Security;
  • Security Policy.